Sunday, May 7, 2017

Sunday prompts, write, share, and smile


Roses [Friday My Town Shoot Out]
   baby penguinn Frank Shengbutow


art work by Amelia Sanders and Lily Passmore

Trenton and Pecan Hills
Jack and Jill fetch a bucket of water
when the snow storm hits
their tiny hands let off the clover pullman grasp
Perishes and melting mouth
old McDonald and young Laura Hanger post thick fog above
cloudy sky and winding milkweeds
Melinda Mao and Belind Kable mark down poetry rally for peace month
a sense of place for Rebecca Snedeker,
lovely treetop juice fed by Meghan Boyer,
Andy Horowitz reads Janet Wong and Sylvia Varlerto,
mind the world with pure beauty of aftermath recovery sense
gazing Crimson tower
forever cooking RYan Bros coffee
Cafe 33 and Jungs meat is fresh
FRice from Riverside reminds us of Tomas Rivera and Kim Wilcox


THIS WEEK'S WORDS come from "Old Roses" by Donald Hall: tiny, old, flare, gaze, month, clover, thick, milkweed, drifts, melt, parch, perishes