Friday, April 15, 2016

Free Verse by Robert Graves


I now delight
In spite
Of the might
And the right
Of classic tradition,
In writing
And reciting
Straight ahead,
Without let or omission,
Just any little rhyme
In any little time
That runs in my head;
Because, I’ve said,
My rhymes no longer shall stand arrayed
Like Prussian soldiers on parade
That march,
Stiff as starch,
Foot to foot,
Boot to boot,
Blade to blade,
Button to button,
Cheeks and chops and chins like mutton.
No! No!
My rhymes must go
Turn ’ee, twist ’ee,
Twinkling, frosty,
Will-o’-the-wisp-like, misty;


poetry rally week 83, roses are red

roses are red
grade sheet is black and white
orange juice is orange
quartz mountain summer arts is bright

from Uwe Gordon, to Trent Swanson,
from Frank Wang, to John Field,
students work hard
parents and teachers are smart

everyone wants to be outstanding, not all get on the wheel for running,
Glad to see Emily Wang, Tina Wu, Tuzo Wmarubba, Willa Xie join ossm,
with higher level of education and creditials,
Faculty, students, staff, Paossm, they rock

A faculty speaks of accurate language,
they have concern on Ben Loper, Kate Avery, Carter Loomis, T. Joe Kingery,
they want to give credits to Emily Cain, Gabrielle Nguyen, Mitchell Maxwell, and Tom Wu
but we have to trust the teachers there,

my figures are raw
my eyes are open
today is sunny
I wish to be the rainbow

do you know the knowledge of Farideh Samadzadeh?
do you know the programing of Amy Roberson?
Ruibo Li, Joe Skeen, Jamie Skeen, Bill Underwood, and Dan Vossen understand well
all plants grow

Ossm is productive and notable high school,
just because they select the most challenged students from everywhere,
we have enormous population there,
say, Lori Webster, Shelby Wesnidge, Brian Chance, Kelly Chaves, David Kighuradze

the hogan family is stated,
so does John Clinton, Dan Little, Jessica Walker, Shayne Johnston,
the senator Bernice Shedrick is framed,
that is why we feel good about Dorothy Dodd, Joseph Skeen, Monique Baxter, Charles Dillard

Biology is difficult subject,
we respect faculty such as Ann Dell, Mark Li, Amy Roberson, Brent Richards,
data structure, computer language analysis, western civilizations...
we are glad to include Johanna Lee, Xifan Liu, Lynn Morgan, Debra Cook, Suzanne Donnolo

one two three,
say cheese to Rebecca Morris, Susan Greenwood, Chris Shrock, Jan Post,
a b c,
glad to greet Pam Felactu, Gary Salwierak, Cynthia Brown, Nathan Wood