Saturday, March 5, 2016

sunday shadow, overhanging plants, short stroy slam week 40, dandlion and lady bug

Six Word Saturday 

i hear you screaming, Detroit Leming


overhanging plant... 


a bug's life,
a plant's way to thrive

day dreams

wet lands
dry cloth

easy and fragile
hard and google

Saint Jude research hospital,
Thomas Marlow shines

university of Chicago in 1995, 1996
students such as Joe Castle, Frank Baker, Erin Hamilton Spence, Scott Wilson, Sorin Siddiqui

short story slam week 40: the wishes from dandelion flower or a lady bug (Mar 3--Mar 27, 2016) 

 Image result for dandelion
Image result for dandelion


Kathe W. said...

great shots- what little creature is on that dandelion? Have a great weekend.

Mlissabeth said...

Well, cover your ears. :-)

Mlissabeth said...

Well, cover your ears. :-)

Iremonger Lindsay JacoBus Quinlan Pickens said...

jolly imagery.

Prem Laszlo Shrock Riesbeck Ottino said...