Wednesday, February 10, 2016

short stroy slam week 38, monday yellow mellow, and black and white Wednesday

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Black & White Wednesdays ~ A Dog's Life 

 google map car
baby and cat sleep side by side

baby george squeezes a fat kitty,
lord Lorton kisses a Barbee doll, funny

Bai Kiem Tra a?
Chuyen nho for Sang!!!

lolipops in spiral shapes,
girl Gina Bush, trying out on Carlotta Gall's evergreen woods

James Glanz spots digital spying,
Choe Sang-Hun and Kirk Semple meet Su-Hyun Lee

you, disagree with this story telling?!
I, wonder why you think that a poem is not a short fiction

anything we write constitute a story,
your story is about independence, differing opinions

my story is about basic survival rights,
humanity as Parents to our offspring

when Mary Schapiro steps down,
Maria D'Conti, Rick Luman, and Mary Williams Walsh give her a gown

new york times has posts short or long,
but, their themes are clear, and their support are strong

think of poets Kay Ryan, Bill Collins, and Nathan Brown,
I do continue, writing on behalf of Laura Ingalls Wilder, Frank Huang


a hit of yellows...

Clouds and Skies [Friday My Town Shoot Out Link-Up


 image credit: google,com, Casique Morrison

short story slam week 38, Feb 4, 2016 to Feb 21, 2016, Dreams Beyond Rainbow Sky