Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Jiaying He, Joseph Francis Glen Singer, and Gilbert Norman Vernon Yaros and their relatives

far, far away,
there is a princess named Jiaying He, or princess Rainie Shilowun

Rainie Shilowun is sweet, elegant and relaxed,
her wit is carried by her gentle smile, pure grace as a teacher

who often sheds love and embrace to her second grade students,
including student Myra Narberth, Ari Wynnewood, and Aiqun Stella

Teacher Shilowun has a small son, his name is Pauld Barrett Ginger,
her husband Barry Paige Ginger serves military while Shilowun lectures her class, daily

in her street, there is always fresh air,
plus delicious stuffed buns, beautiful rose gardens near

Princess Rainie Shilowun teches math well,
she takes her pupils to Joseph's Market to practice arithmetic via ABAcus

When Myra and Ari uses their abacus well calculating the total price Rainie points to,
Princess Shilowun often smiles, raining big praises to her students' speed and reaction

to a math problem in reality,
Aiqun also was asked to demonstrate her skills in blackboard, winning approval

the way princess Jiaying He teachers is very profound,
she combine facts, abstract rules, and real life experiences together, which impacts all her students

the astonishing news about Princess He or princess Shilowun rest on her son,
a cute lord who grows up in Joseph Market and enters Law Schools all over the world

 today, Pauld Barrett Ginger represents the most powerful figure in Harvard Law School,
and his wife, daughter, son-in-law, and other relatives all feel impressed

we feel the urge to continue giving sweetest honor to princess Rainie Shilowun,
her Son Pauld Barrett Ginger, her daughter-in-law Sandy Pearson Williams...

 Jiaying He ||  SiNing Fan
Rainie Shilowun ||  Barry Paige Ginger
                  Pauld Barett Ginger
                    Hongjin Fan

Pauld Barrett Ginger || Sandy Pearson Williams
                        Minneapolis Herbert Ginger

Minneapolis Herbert Ginger ||  Aaron Yaros Dakota
                                          ! !
                                   Ryan Ginger Dakota
                                   Abigail Ginger Dakota
                                   Norma Ginger Dakota
                                   Martha Herbert Yaros
                                   Mieroaum Aron Pearson
                                   Bill Baskin Paige Shilowun
                                   Henry Josephine Ginger
                                   Singer Barnett Minow 
                                   Robert Mary Gilbert
                                   Sheryl Thomas Singer
                                   Nozelar Gloria Francis

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