Saturday, December 31, 2016

short story slam week 59, an occurance and the resist of pitfalls

we do not dream
we do not expect

when the smoke in the kitchen buffs,
we call Rescue Root, Adam Hennessy, and Marx Anthony

a car dealer is random
a insurance card is serve

Michelle Overman and Paul Ryan are awesome
so do Julie Cohen and George Taylor

recall a proposal on Peng Zhaoyan and Peng Qun E,
each ends up else where, with Igor Jagger and Ava Cherry

brave Xiao Song and deep Chen He,
friendly Zhang Dongkui, Tian Caifeng, Zhao Weidong, Meng Jianguo, and Wang Nianyu

some say, Yan Ji and Su Hui won't agree,
Zhen Baoxia and Xu Jianying won't quit

we do see rainbow via Wei Wei, Dong Li, Tian Shuji, Li Qiming, Zhu Meijun,
we do see sunshine in Peng Zhaoming, Gao Heshang, Yang Qingming, Hu Qiaoqiao

i stop typing,
I hope to understand Peng Chuanxian and Wang Min, Wang Guiqiang and Guan Po

hearing a song from Feng Yiqi, Xu Yinuo, Sun Nan, Na Ying, Hang Tianqi, Xu Pei,
our blood is heated up, thanks to Su Ri, Jerry Chen, Cheng Lin, Zhang Shaohan, David Bowie

a baby is sweet due to embrace of Yan Yingfang, Yan Heyuan, Yan Bingzhi,
a baby is profound due to warmth from Yin Bing, Wu Aime, Wu Huiqing, Shuai Xitang

a train whistles, Thomas and Pency run by

curious Yalu River stays distant,
we do vote for Bing Ji, Sandy Lam, Li Zhongsheng, Lin Yinian, Zhu Siqi, Lily Passmore

Xu Bo, Deng Furong, Tang Gangbo, and Rao Mingrong wonder,
why do the sky is blue sometimes?

believing in God,
we pray for Liu Zuo, Jin Wulin, Zhou Huajian, Peng Shuizhi, Bie Mama, Bie Xinzhi

a name changes,
Li Hongtu, Li Shengsu, Yu Kuizhi, Yuan Huiqing, Meng Guanglu, Bai Yansheng, etc.

I wish to wave hello to Iris Chang, she is in Hong Kong,
I refuse to reject Xi Mingze, due to Leigha Layton, Robert Black, Sharron Robertson, and Laura Bush

Saturday, November 19, 2016

short story slam week 57, lots of folks and food from our views

can not resist
not to reject

lots of magicians
many more writers

Jonathan Spreer 
Youngseek Kim 

Ramjee Sharma 
John Cruthirds 

contests and high school scholars
swimming pool and travelers

we do have fun watching Gao Shengmei
Zuo Hongyuan, Gu Yang, Qin Tian, Chang Si, or Dai Han Anni

Image result for university of north georgia 

Image result for university of north georgia 

Image result for university of north georgia         

Image result for ramjee sharma Ramjee Sharma
Image result for xiao bei  Xiao Bei

Image result for xiao bei    Gao Shengmei

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

short story slam week 55, halloween and the wall street journal

Image result for hillyard

Image result for hillyard  Scott Hillyard

Image result for pinnacle mountain
Image result for pinnacle mountain
Image result for petit jean park
Image result for the wall street journal
Image result for the wall street journal

Image result for the wall street journal and halloween 

Kiykat, Hershey's
candy war, Walmart, H. E. B., and Sprouts

Arkansas river
Lake Mamielle

Donald Trump
Daily arguments on Oregon and Idaho

Scott Hillyard,
fresh watermelon from Food Pyramid

Anna Wilde Matthews,
spotting on health-plan choices shrink

on the range, sharp views from Jacob Bunge
we do hear Jon Hilsenrate and Haeeiet Torry

price tower and frank wright
mary patterson and any rand

vivendi empire building
Michael Wursthorn and melting down heart graph

handsome golf adventure
Andy Murray, Patrick Reed, Serena Williams, and Tom Perrotta swing their bats

praise Kirby Birch, Zachary Johnson
letting go Zext Turner, Mark Turner, Jack Turner, Megan Turner, June turner, and Python Turner
Image result for zach johnson
Image result for zach johnson
Image result for zach johnson claret jug
Image result for branson shanghai acrobats
Image result for branson shanghai acrobats
Image result for branson shanghai acrobats
Image result for branson shanghai acrobats

Thursday, September 22, 2016

pigface flowers


  Image result for pigface flowers

Image result for pigface flowers

Image result for may flowers
Image result for may flowers glittering
Image result for may flowers glittering 

Image result for may flowers glittering
Image result for falling snowflakes glitter

Falling snowflakes
icy nuggets turn into dropping tears
the sky is dark blue

purple butterflies
wings of hope sprinkles with  spring sheen
the day is young

short story slam week 53, what we read from fortune magazine today

Image result for Autumnal Equinox 
Image result for Autumnal Equinox 

Image result for Autumnal Equinox   
 Image result for fortune magazine 

By Miguel Helft and Jessi Hempei,
we scan the business and products without doubts

Patek Philippe Geneve,
Thierry Stern

Credit Suisse
The Frescobaldi's family wines on Tuscan soil

Citi card
banks from seattle to New York,  Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Miami

Arizona, Florida, and California

Bill Gates, Miranda Gates, Belinda Gates

a watch that fancy and helpful

schools and environment managments

Raymond James
capital markets

computer and michael Dell

T. Rowe Price
investments or loans

Razr Maxx by Motorola

Capella University
Alex Korrad, Katie Courie, Marissa Mayer, Zach Bogue, Sherilyn McCoy

Johnson & Johnson, Guirl Scouts
Cathy Coughlin, Andy Serwer, Warren Buffet

Coca Cola, Pepsi
Juliette Low, Verne Harnish, Jim Collins, Jim Stengel, Kevin Daum, Brad Hams,

Jennifer Wright, Huey Tien, Sundai Pichar, Anjali Pichar, Lucinda Page, Amelia Wilson

Wang Chen, Allan Sloan, John Cassidy, Sheila Bair, Martha Minow, Newton Minow,

Alan Robson, Neil Theobaid, Geoff Colvin, Jack Weleh, Suzy Weleh,

Saint Jude Childen research hospital
Marla Thomas, Tom Balow, Caled Bradham, Alfred Steele, John Pemberton, Frank Mason robinson


sheryl kara sandburg, mark zuckerberg, jack welch, daifang zhu, ai e zhu, abe wu

Booz, Allen, Hamilton,
Jen Reingold, Ron Johnson, Steve Jobs, Robert Noyce, Edward Lee, Chuck Read, Skylar Zhang

platts, chesapeake, taft, petrobras, norostrom
Jeff Immelt, John Donahde, douglas alden warshaw, steve burke, david boren, julie cohen

patricia sellers, joel seligman, robert clark, kuzuo yamakaza, william jaco, robery myers,

audi, ups, and north by northwestern
stanley bing, barack obama, alan eagle, jonathan rosenburg, sheng wu, tom wu, gerald clancy


Saturday, August 27, 2016

short story slam week 51, outer space

Image result for henryetta    

Image result for henryetta

Image result for hengshui
 Image result for hengshui

Image result for henan jianye

Image result for henan jianye 

Image result for hebei north university  
Image result for 27th Group Army 

Image result for 27th Group Army

Image result for hebei university  
Image result for hebei university

Image result for huai hua of hunan province

hui chang,
huai hua, they are places

hebei, henan, hubei, hunan, hengshui, hengyang, they are sweet

Henryetta wilson Wu,
a forever lovely institution

Madeline Terry camille
phoffman, morgan, jules freeman, berkeley eagles

Anastacia Kaser, Anthony Marx, Beth McCleary,
J. P. Morgan, Merill, Jimmy's Eggs, Ada, Davis, Collinsville, they neiborly

from Italy, to America,
from Austin, to Princeton, Saint Francisco and Saint Mary, they good to Saint Christina

Saint Christopher enjoys Saint Macywells,
they write world history in their backyard, hurry!

from Hengyang to Henshui,
from Shenyang to Goshen, Jennette braves her way to Seattle, and to 27 group army of Shijiazhuang

small lord is cute,
small heart is soft

we nurture them with focus and care
we send them to Tulsa, to Los Angeles, to Conyers, and to Madison

Milwauke, Kansas City, Topeka, Barnsdale, Jay and Corp Christi
Chicago, El Paso, Nevada, Las Vegas, Phonix, Waco, Katy, Perry, they brew musics through Woody

Thursday, August 11, 2016

short story slam week 50: Proof U.S. gymnast Aly Raisman predicted her Olympic future at age 9

As if the U.S. Olympic women’s gymnastics team weren’t super-powered enough, “Final Five” captain Aly Raisman can apparently see into the future, too. The Needham, Mass., native apparently predicted her Team USA success as a 9-year-old attending Camp Wicosuta in New Hampshire.

Asked for the camp’s 2003 yearbook, “In 20 years I will be …,” Raisman responded, “An Olympic gymnast,” as revealed on Twitter by Tech Insider managing editor Emily Cohn, who attended camp with Raisman. The three-time gold medalist retweeted the photo after winning the team competition.

Technically, it only took Raisman nine years to achieve her goal, as she first made the U.S. Olympic women’s gymnastics squad in 2012, when she captured two gold medals and a bronze in London.
Here’s hoping everyone’s dream came true at Camp Wicosuta, including the girl who predicted she’d still be there in 20 years. Hey, if the “Wet Hot American Summer” crew can do it, so can you, Amanda.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

abc wednesday, w is for wishes from west virginia and wuyan outcome music drama, 李茂山 - Li Mao Shan - 無言的結局 - Wu Yan Di Jie Ju - song

ABC-Wednesday-Round 18 - W

west virginia









hainan dao

  Image result for west virginia 

Image result for maryland 

李茂山&林淑榕 - 無言的結局 



Sunday, June 5, 2016

happy father's day

Image result for happy father's day  

Image result for happy father's day

Image result for happy father's day 

some notes come in with tears
some notes are rendered with sun shine

lady june
frozen breeze

a flyer for father's day
a sweet postcard for ray

Saturday, May 14, 2016

short story slam week 44, world peace year 5, and poetry rally week 83

Image result for united airline

Image result for will roger airport

fort worth zoo, dallas science museum
hong kong university, guangzhou canton tower
hollywood, los angeles,
fisher's whralfe, san francisco
google, birkenstock, mountain view,
aka will roger, cathay pacific air force,
south korea, inchoen, soeul,
taipei, taichung, tunghai university,
jingyi university, taiwan guili university,
timi zhuo, lichi lin, ivan yuan, isbella yuan, and juanming yuan

new castle, hideo sawada, wang guiqiang, guan moye, sue dick,
wiley post airport, masakazu arimon, southwest, gary kelly, david boren,
rollin king, herb kelleher, megan theifing, elena muphy, month of march scholar of ossm,
united airline, oscar munoz, john f. kennedy, richard anderson, julie cohen,
charlotte douglas, robin hayes, mingying he, bing han, bing chen,
yuhan zhao, dehua wang, peter constantin, xiao jing, xuewen hu,
david neeleman, jetblue, alan noell, dale alspach, robert meyers,
william jaco, anthony kable, douglas aichele, david wright, patricia jordan,

kay ryan, paul ryan, kay baker, pam brown, hongyu wang, sue parsons,
pam fry, peter sherwood, us airways, delta air lines, british air, alaska, lufthansa,
air canada, carsten spohr, munich airport, spirit air, frontier airlines, barry biffle,
iberia, adolfo suarez, paris orly airport, birgin america, richard branson,
los angeles, terry jones, grand house, mr. pho's, emily wang, ying liu,
jovette dew, carol bennett, chris shrock, samantha chapell, kellie dick,
jake benge, laura taylor, grant westfahl, angela zhu, berkley knowles,
 jessica slacick, gary fuller, connie fuller, paul and jane ryan, kurt bachmann,
david kighuradze, faraz khan, joe skeen, tom wu, mark li, ruibo li, jully lee,

omea, okmea all state, ok jazz hall of fame, michael raiber, kim jones, sophie schmidt,
quincy lawson, megan wallace, grace lu, nguyen tu, julie welch, keri bell, benji wojin,
tyler pace, mason wiese, billy manson, eddie cabbage, ava roberts, tara miller,
tara robinson, leigha layton, robert black, sharon robertson, morton ownes, saint princeton,
mimi schapiro, glecia enrich, matt alspach, philip noell, sophia bollag, alissa schapiro,
scott pippen, schapiro pippen, rachel schapiro, matt schapiro, christina fallin,
donghua li, rylee rolling, alexandra rolling, taylor swift, chris wang, austin mitchell
vikki zhao, ruby lin, scott leming, larry gosney, benjie scheler, tiger woods, tagg romney
alex claussen, emilee morris, rebecca morris, ted thao, molly spencer, alison schmidt

 Image result for los angeles
Image result for los angeles
Image result for hong kong   
Image result for guangzhou canton tower