Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Signs, Signs, All Day Breakfast, short story slam week 35, and AppleBee Break fast

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all day breakfast

McCafe coffee is original
Burger King Le Whopper is yummy,
KFC fried chicken is spicy and healing.
catfish is not a cat,
a tiger is a cat that screams,
and a panda is a bearcat which is a bear with black and white fur.
food ranges from apple, pears, bananas, to movies,
music is dynamic soul food,
movies are dramatic episodes of story unfolding,
Kung fu represents 5 thousands years of Chinese civilization, 
Kung Fu in official Chinese is called Gong Fu,
which means long time persistence of exercises in movement, inner balance.
love is pain
when the other side of the rain comes in,
and love is always obtain when man and woman meet
Vicki Zhao Wei the little swallow is brave,
her Huzhu Gege Tv drama is world famous,
Ruby Lin, Youpeng Su, Bingbing Fan, Wei Zhao, Jian Zhao, April Huang, all cool.
Cleveland American is something different,
Jim Dillard is cool from State Farm, 
Students from Cleveland rise via Mark Williams, Hailey Tempel, Faith Bradley.

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Black & White Wednesday ~ Winte

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yellow at the carnival...

CCTv channel 4 Chinese new year gala hosts, a dozen but not restricted

Chinese new year gala is hot
at central television station 4,
when you hear cheerful music,
your heart jumps and
your mind dances with joy,
we do admire the culture, enthuism,
language, tradition, and mood they pass,
it is all about positive energy,
it is all about spending time on
creativity, which means
story telling, poetry writing,
music orchestrating, and comedy making.

here, names mentioned are
profound and not restricted by China
or by other organizations:
say hello to these:

Fenghuang Chuan Qi, Xiaomei Sun, Yansheng Bai, Bingyan Yan,
Bo Gao, Die Hu, Liu Yang, Yi Dong, Fujian Bi, Zhe Zhang, Wei Wei,
Shenglan Meng, Zhicheng Dai, Xun Zhu, Jun Zhu, Qing Dong, Min Cai,
Zequn Zhang, Yansong Bai, Tao Zhou, Wei Lu, Yue Sun, Ni Chun,
Xiaodong Xie, Yilun Lin, Kun Jiang, Yong Li, Xiaojun Ji, Fei Wang,
Hui Kang, Sisi Li, Beining Sa, Xiuping Li, Xia Hai, Hongmei He,
Fangfei Liu, Jian Lu, Jie Luo, Fan Yang, Guoqing Cai, Jing Wang

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Image result for 2013央视蛇年春节联欢晚会
 Image result for 2013央视蛇年春节联欢晚会
Image result for 2013央视蛇年春节联欢晚会

Thursday, December 3, 2015

carpe diem haiku and short story slam week 34, happy holidays

Carpe Diem #872 our journey continues: across the field; one patch of a rice field; roots of elegance 

unborn baby
a fetus tugged inside a mommy

the winter is preganant

plates of sea food
the journey to the west cinema
mind blowing drama 

santa hat on my head
I step on grey carpet and climb on a sleigh
my solo holiday dance
small field of rose garden
my index figure is hurt by the thorn as
I try to pick a budding one
i name myself cuckoo clock
when i post emotional words in a poem
and co-own with kitty june
 an award from bluebell books short story slam, take it to your blog if you wish and if you have shared a story with them, merry christmas.