Thursday, October 29, 2015

I expect no unexpected mostly

P is for Pumpkin. 

 Bluebell Books Twitter Club!

 when it comes to Halloween,
we expect pumpkins and glow in the dark,
when it comes to trick or treating,
we expect masks and horror look

I expect no unexpected occuracy,
I expect no hail stone in July,
I expect no swimming party on Christmas,
I expect no slumber day at south pole

I expect no harvest moon during August first,
I expect no trash bags near Queen's rose garden,
I expect no royalty in blogging land,
I expect no floating house at Labor day parade.

P is for positive feedback,
P is for panic-less communication,
P is for post World War II relational strike,
P is for physical plant power-point representation.   

P is for Pamela, Patrick, Patricia, Pam, Parsons, and Pipen,
P is for prompts, posts, poems, poetry, poets, and web pages,
P is for planes, dots, spaces, and proper promotions,
and P is for promising poets parking lot from hyde park poetry rally.

Monday, October 26, 2015

the day of seahorse, seashell, and seagull experiences

Image result for mellow yellow

Image result for mellow yellow

my entry to October write day 26, short story slam week 31, and mellow yellow monday

the circulation of poetic haunting
begins with encyclopedia,
a media online by jim wales
posting profound figures, trans-parenting

so it started as a drop in the ocean,
pretty as a point connecting to a line,
then spreading cross our foot sole,
tiptoeing around the plane to form a surface

petrichor reminds me of the scent of rain on dry earth,
rarity, mud, wet, sheen, and toward the sky,
our nose intakes sweet yam fiber
the wild cats yells for the orange cowboys.

Day 26 OctPoWriMo
Word Prompts: 
Petrichor- the scent of rain on dry earth 
Sentence Prompts: 
So it started... 
Pretty as a... 
Tiptoeing around the... 


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Image result for mellow yellow

Image result for mellow yellow