Monday, September 28, 2015

about this and that

many people speak,
snow pea pho noddle soup,
rick perry, tom depaola,
phil jackson, scott pippen,
chicago bulls rock

austin texas produces long horns,
george and laura bush enjoy wild rides at houston ranch,
beverly hills, hollywood,
marisa mayer and zach bogue hold hands,
everyone ring praise for yahoo and google or cisco leaders

parents LA, los angeles,
Christina Elston writes Jingle the bells at hotel Angelno,
currentland, ponca city,
Tom Barlow calls Leon of Kings to lots of juicy things.

Northwestern, Evanston,
Morton Scchapiro, Sarah Palin sings purple love song,
South Central, Stillwater,
Gina Noble, Burns Hargis give credentials to Will, Alexandra, Charlotte, and Kate Middleton

Sunday, September 6, 2015

ripley's believe it or not museum

Atlantic City The Vault Lazer Maze

    1. Before
    2. After
  • Atlantic City The Vault Lazer Maze Challenge Numbers
    It’s just like in the movies! The Laser Maze pops to life and the room ahead of you is filled with brilliant green lasers radiating from the walls. Music and light effects immerse you into the experience. It’s time to put your game face on.
    The Laser Maze Challenge™ is a timed event. The lower the time, the better. Your mission is to navigate the Maze without breaking a beam.