Friday, June 12, 2015

Stacy Dolano and Tom Barlow of Currentland

Forbiden city,
Queen Cixi custom and traditional dance,
A beijing retreat.
Kenya nation,
Stanley Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Jr. relation,
An Ibok Lord product.
Hyde Park, Chicago, Oldtown,
Marion Robinson, Craig Robinson, and Arab man date,
the Michelle VaLaughn Robinson has interesting fate.
Stillwater, Currentland,
John Bartley, Marc Cornett, Mary Fallin, Gina Noble, David Boren,
Susan Sher, Sheng Wu, John Chambers, and Chuanxian Peng feel excellent.
Washington D. C., Columbus,
Joe Biden and Jill Biden ride London Bus,
While the first dog Bo drives Malia and Sasha nuts.
Cisco and San Jose,
Linda Neal, Stacia Campbell, Tom Jacobincen, Cheyenne Blount, and Julio Ottino
come in with a rose,
that does tickle Indie Sharp and Kevin Ogle's nose.
Charlie's drug, Phelp market,
Alan Pharmacy, Dillons Food,
Chris' University spirit, Wow.