Thursday, May 7, 2015

who inspires Ted Kooser?

a poetic guy,
spending lots of time baking poems,
poems on one's experiences,
poems on every body's dreams and hopes.
Bloomburg review tells all,
David Yezzi adds wall street journal input,
a brew in good cousel,
John Eberhart writes,
A marriage between Ted Kooser and Kansas city star.
San Francisco Chronicle gets deep
when it comes to Ted Kooser's homely poetry repair,
"Stories babbling out of one's narcissistic chats..."
Cynthia Haven has hot take here.
Foreword magazine,
Weekly Standard,
Great Plains Quartely,
North Dakota Quarterly,
Library of Congress,
U of Nebraska Press,
U. S. Poet Laureate board,
Pulitzer Prize award winning committee...

 Hyde Park Poetry

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