Sunday, January 25, 2015

ripples of a stone

every evening, I would jog
around the famous Boomer Lake,
looking into the troubled water,
seeking solutions to a geometry problem
that shadows of trees cannot solve.
Along the sidewalk,
naked willow trees fold
their slim frosted arms,
lowering their heads
to mourn the loss of their strength
in ripples of water.
i wish to swim into far distance
to escape the stress of a dark race,
a pair of hands always pull me
backward, I get lost
as schools of wild geese duck their heads on grassy seeds.

Thursday Poets Rally Week 79: January 14-January 27, 2015 (5th anniversary celebration)

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Friday, January 9, 2015

Our 10 Principles: The Mozilla Manifesto


01 The Internet is an integral part of modern life—a key component in education, communication, collaboration, business, entertainment and society as a whole.


02 The Internet is a global public resource that must remain open and accessible.


03 The Internet must enrich the lives of individual human beings.


04 Individuals’ security and privacy on the Internet are fundamental and must not be treated as optional.


05 Individuals must have the ability to shape the Internet and their own experiences on it.


06 The effectiveness of the Internet as a public resource depends upon interoperability (protocols, data formats, content), innovation and decentralized participation worldwide.


07 Free and open source software promotes the development of the Internet as a public resource.


08 Transparent community-based processes promote participation, accountability and trust.


09 Commercial involvement in the development of the Internet brings many benefits; a balance between commercial profit and public benefit is critical.


10 Magnifying the public benefit aspects of the Internet is an important goal, worthy of time, attention and commitment.