Monday, July 28, 2014

July Sentiments

The Sun is restless,
He bakes the earth lightly brown,
when First  lady Macynn puts on her gown,
Princess Lora grins
               in wondrous mood.

San Jose stands tall,
He hosts super stars at the Valley of Silicon,
After Patten marries Shant,
Middle Kingdom winks,
             Hoping for a fantastic time.

Jeng woos Mountain View,
He does socials with google and yahoo,
Once Motorola,  Moon,  Apple, and Alibaba Meet,
Frank King chuckles
           at Mary Queen , the end.


Madeline Anthony Herzig Jackson said...

writing is fun when you enjoy words and marry them in random cases.

Madeline Anthony Herzig Jackson said...

poetry is a freedom of expression.