Friday, April 18, 2014

Montpetler Vegetables and Nuts

Lots of food items are nutritious,
Walnut, peanut, chestnut, pecan, almond, apricot,
Ginkgo, Carambola, Kumguat, Green Beans, Shaddock,
Gage, plum, guava, kiwi fruit, blueberry, and coconut...

A fig is a flowerless (Wu Hua) fruit,
A sugarcane is fruitless (Wu Guo) sweet bat,
Mongo and Longan are long Mang Yang fit,
Olive, Cantaloup, Honeydew, Oranges, Leek, mushroom, none has fat.

Don't ignore some other food and nuts,
Study and add them to your shopping list,
That implies green peas, soy beans, napa cabbage,  lettuce,
Bell pepper, cucumber, caraway, Juares, ficus tikaua, haw,
  plus tangerine, loquat, taro, radish, tulips, garlic mist.

Above all, I love Montpetler treats,
I'm sure folks won't mind feasts
that have guests
such as these:

Paul Sandle, Mitt Romney, Siva Govinda Samy, William Marks, Anshumann Daga, Andrea Shalal,
Yantoultra Ngui, Al-zaquan Amer Hamzah, Stuart Grudgings, Phil Jackson, Scott Pippen,
Sam Johnston, Christy Fine, Bob Cooper, Jason Grief,  John Clinton, Otis Shearer, Megan Black,
Carrie Peck, Alex Richardson, Trent Swanson, Uwe Gordon, Mark Bendeich, Melania Trump,
Robert Myers, William Bus Jaco, Arthur Hays Sulzbercer, James Wilkie, Jill Abramson,
Tom Bodkin, Susan Chira, Matt Purdy, Owen Sheehan, Sergey Brin, Julie Wright, Claire Walsh,
George Alexandra Louis William, Viola Manson, Tanya Raun, Larry Page, Chad Penn...

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Scanning Occupations at the Home of Fish and Rice

Next to the Han river,
At the village of fish and rice,
Inside nutshell of Jiangchang Town, Tianmen county, Hubei province,
Many occupations take place
while Mo Yan wins 2012 Nobel literature prize,
and Park Geun Hye visits Bejing, Russia, and acts wise.

Lee Jae Hoon is happy to be a seoul police,
Heo Young Saeng and Kim Dong Wook are also chef agency to locale residents,
Rosedole Patten used to be a fisherman,
Tomas Mboyan don't regret being a skillful tailor,
Pilot Gilpen loves being a horseman,
Wilson Odiawu determines to be a fortune teller.

What about He? what about She?
What about you, what about me?
Well,  anything you and I do is award winning,
Please don't hesitate to move on and find your favorite company.
Let Larry Shell continue to be an oil man,
Let Peter Odinga be trained to be an accountant.

Accept that Soditoy Wooster as an editor,
Jackie Raun as an school instructor,
Uma Hussein a chef cook assistant,
Railan Nyanza a carpenter,
Not to forget about Bernard Safrown, an ironman,
Jomosy Kenyatta a brick layer too.

Here let's add a few more:
Library science does fancy Elmer Kirk and Shenol Scheinman,
Diablo Valley and Silicon Stanley feel better to join them then...
Share peanuts, corns, soy beans, wheat flours, plain rice,  and cotton,
a bowl of well cooked rice along with fresh fish dish
and spicy peppers and eggplants shall be sweet meal teaser.