Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Birthday Wish by Sharron Stephenson Jackson

a birthday wish my birthday wish,
is to make love with the man i love,

a birthday wish with passion and,
a birthday card which i will never,
hurt you in any way,
to ease ease all the pain is to end it all,
with a birthday justice,
which will never happen


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

On Your Birthday by Koray Bagheri Aydin

On your birthday, may you experience joy
On your birthday, may you experience love
On your birthday, may all your dreams come true
On your birthday, may all your desires be filled

As you wish upon a star, your life be starlight
As you wish upon a star, your life be star-bright
As you wish upon a star, zillions of stars gaze over you
And a wish upon a star, made come true

Happy birthday, to a beautiful soul
Happy birthday, to a wonderful you
Happy birthday, to a gentle soul
Happy birthday, to a great you
Happy happy birthday to a once in a lifetime kind of person
Happy birthday to you shengwu


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Y/ The Golden Key (sonnet) by Andreas Troy Waechter

 One day, I will melt all the gold on earth
And craft a wonderful key with it all
This special tool of incredible worth
Will fit well to unlock your heart and soul
The remote buttons will work like a smile
Like a lawine of sweet and loving words
I will turn the knob with a lot of style
And happy thoughts will fly to you as birds
A simple spin of the sweet golden key
Just like a wonder, magic fun and true
Will cause, for everyone to hear and see
A wave of peace and happiness in you
Let's dream of a universe filled with love
And all may get a key from High Above


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Elegance of Peace by Berenstain Upshaw Henneberry

Worn torn cities—inner city violence
Death, sorrow and misery
Feelings of discontent
Conceptualize with malcontent—

Atom bombs, nuclear holocaust
Peacemakers of the world
Man-made instrumentation of peace—

So where is the diplomacy in that?
Does it really exist—Hell No!

We speak of peace
With total annihilation
Maybe, because peace/violence
Are mirror twins of each other
Like good and evil—there is no existence without the other—

So is this the elegance of peace— that we speak of?
The peace that we envision for our children
Our ancestors created this fallacy of peace—

This ignorance of peace—created out of fear
The fear that has been nurture
Through centuries of embattlement
For the elegance of peace
The true embodiment of peace
Should not give way to mass-destruction—

Reconstruction of the mind
For the elegance of peace
Is harvested within our minds
Not within our technology—or weapons of destruction—

For Peace has been raped
Violated and reduced
To the ignorance of global insanity
This is our Elegance of Peace