Saturday, February 2, 2013

Homework on Mathmetical Manners

square a  + square b = square c,
A =bn over 2,
Pi = 3.1415 = Pie,
Here, there, everywhere,
Formulas, numbers, old or new,
We add, subtract, multiple, or divide,
what a girl must do
to make progress in school,
and how V is for Volume and M is for Mass,
the minds of the students are brittle as glass.
Oh, do we need any rain
from Hungry, Portland, or Maine?
Does Texas, Illinois pray for torrents,
with water goes dry from wells of Florance?
N times 9 is 9n -
an easy way to learn, again.
The conditions of problems vary,
The phrase " to love" is not auxilliary,
Brazil's in the Tropie of Carpricorn,
And heart has a weight to be borne.

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