Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Love My Dad Gives and I Felt...He Rocks!

 The Perfect Poet Award,

Thanks a ton for hyde park poetry,

I wish to honor it and pass it to bupinder21..Happy Tuesday!


Thursday Flash Fiction Week 28: Innocence and Dreams

I put some
icy red watermelon chunks
in mouth, feeling the love
from my Dad and sniffing sweetly
of jewel-weed in memory
of his principles for my brother and me:
Practice your cello daily,
work on some math problems if you can,
Rest your eyes after staying online for a while,
Honor NCHO for their encouragement,
Bring music sheet when heading for OYP,
Drink some water before running ....
My father, he has showed his love
to his kids by lots of words and actions,
He cuts chunks of pears, oranges, apples,
and watermelons on plates for me,
He drives me to Piano lessons,
Cello lessons, and music camps weekly,
He wants me to feel comfortable and hopeful,
Men are of the best when they deeply love their kids,
I love my Dad,
He is cool!

 NCHO, North Central Honor Orchestra at Oklahoma

Konghou Instrument

Chinese Guqin

Pan Pipe


Serial Bells, or BianZhong

Ruan Xian guitar

Pipa Guitar

Hua Pan Gu or Hua Pan Drum

The Perfect Circle Guitar

Weiss Temple Block

Hulusi Woodwind

Torii Garden Gong

Yun Luo


Image Credit: Google.com on Traditional Chinese Instruments, 
wind, string, guitar, drums, gongs, or bells... 

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