Monday, September 24, 2012

Quote of the day on poetry



"Poetry is a zoo in which you keep demons and angels."

By Les Murray
"Poetry is a brilliant vibrating interface between the human and the non-human."

By Edwin Morgan

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Periods of Weather In Terms of Snow and Rain...


In the numb time when water turns into ice
and trees go unclothed and dull,
when coats are desired
and foggy breath circle around your face,
we begin to favorite snowman
and neglect summer rain.
It's just the tradition of the nature,
How satisfying to soak in foams of blue water,
when July heat bakes the bay
and sunblock’s cure your restless day,
raindrops cleanse our ducked souls,
that's when we temporarily forget about the snows!
The grace of the snow,
the face of the rain,
they gather glittering glow
to reduce our pain,
It's the sunshine that keeps jingle our days
with wet and juicy praises.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lovelace and Her Wild Geese Dreams

 wild geese or Ye'Da'Yan,

Far away, at north of Dong'Ting"Hu,
and south of The Yangtze river,
lives a family of seven under three generations,
Lovelace is a girl at this beautiful Home (Jia),
She finds herself keeping fancy or outlandish dreams,
Every night she would think of stuff beyond
before going to sleep, and the books
she reads seem giving her wings,
She feels desperate trying to fly like the wild geese,
whenever she looks up in the summer sky,
The movies she watches also give her insights,
She seems knowing a wider, bigger, or far away place
is await for her...besides daydreaming,
She loves visiting to the vegetable match in front of her house,
Those green, plump, and colorful goodies truly provide
her energy, hope, and inspirations...
Long beans, corn stalks, egg plants in purple or light green,
cucumbers, squashes, hot peppers, tomatoes, and fish from lotus pond,
every day is an adventurous day at farm...
not mention ducks, chickens and their eggs, a water buffalo,
plus lots of watermelons, and honeydews...
Life is fruitful and promising to Lovelace, what grace!