Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Revealing Moment: Life Goes ON, They Survive LOVE With Rainbow Shining Above!

“I cannot live without you.”
Hands cupping her face,
Tongue in her mouth,
He was in tears,
“Mi 2,”
She screamed in her head,
Eating his words…
He tastes like colors,
Innocent and helpless,
It’s been 20 years being together,
Kids, Jobs, Money, Relatives,
and Stress have kept them
busy, blind, distant, and in a rush,
She was there all the time,
He took it as a sure thing,
No matter how hard life had on him,
He believed that he could handle it himself,
without notifying her, or upsetting her…
He thought that she would never run away from him,
But, well, until now, he knew that
he must cherish her more
To make her understand :
he loves her, regardless everything else,
To him, she is his major, the rest are simply bridges
to cross to be able to being himself, being with her…
It’s all about her, his life time choice…
And with her in his arms, he had forgotten the world…

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