Monday, May 28, 2012

Soldiers Proudly R 'Home of the Brave': Tribe To Soldiers and Military Supporters (Including Audie Murphy, Grandpa of Justin Wu, and Jewel Ju'er Yan)

Through experiences of wars they pave the day,
How prideful they feel, their selfless way;
Just imagine how life could be
Without their contributions - catastrophe;
Have the mindfulness to show you care
For heroes, reach out your hands there;
America raises the flags to gently wave,
because soldiers proudly are 'home of the brave'!

 Image Credit: Memorial Day...


Madeline Guizisa Jackson said...

best regards..

peace, love, and prayers.


Janet Nan Zhou said...

what a remarkable day to remember, and pray.

Sheng T-H-E Wu said...

simply wonderful.

Helena said...

Nice little tribute in honour of the bravest lads!