Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Algeria in Northwest Africa = Guthrie in OK + Alexander + Christopher Jones + Aldi + Alina + Oklahoma All State Honor Orchestra + Arkansas State University Summer Music Camp + Teresa + Theresa Burke + Rinkly Rimes + Aleza + Alethea + Alyssa Steele + Jeffrey Loeffert + Jihe (Algebra Teachers in Schools and Colleges) + Media (American, Chinese, Italian, British....etc.) + Georgia Tech University + The Marine Corps War Memorial (IWO Jima of Tokyo) + Arlington Cemetery + The Alamo (San Antonio of Texas) + Jefferson Memroial + Lincoln Memorial + Statue of Liberty (France and America)

Algeria, in northwest Africa
on the Mediterranean coast,
is the second largest country
in Africa after Sudan. The Sahara
covers more than four-fifths of its territory,
where inhabitants are concentrated
in oases surrounded by desert.
The Atlas Mountains cross Algeria
east to west along the
Mediterranean coast, with the
north-facing slopes receiving
good winter rainfall...

 Image Credit: Algeria

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