Thursday, December 14, 2017

thursday powets rally week 85

amelia island
snowwhite tales
abbey carpet
little rock frame

if  Stephan Wilson and Aime Wood agree,
Abbey and Jennette may go crazy
they are infinite beauty
talents and grace add to our family

Hannah Constantin
Kathleen Applegate
Rebecca Coriston
Janet Ruscher

deep and wide
women dominate our academics
thanks to embrace of mary fisher and lottia jane mabee
we know life better under mary fallin and frances cordova

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

short story slam week 80,

  • do you know Mariet Robinson?
  • do you know Craig Robinson?
  • when Malia and Sasha join the white house,
  • puppy Bo has fun with Eskimo Joe

  • do you visit Washington D. C.,
  • do you know Jean Lafitte swamp?
  • when Jenna and Barbara respect Laura and George,
  • the world are amazed by lots of stories Barack Obama told

  • Tara Robinson
  • Robert Black
  • Sharron Robertson
  • Dan Little

  • people vote
  • people seek
  • people greet
  • Merry Dog-Puppy-Samrufz year...